Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Another day

Hi Everyone!

I can hardly believe it is Wednesday. I have a lot to do today but still want to make time for the art room. I tried to do some sketching yesterday and found with my sight was having trouble so painted instead. Today I will spend time in the garden. I really am surprised at how much I enjoy gardening. Oh, and harvest is so much fun. I have taken two beautiful summer squash. Ohhhhhhhh so good. I will try to get some photos today of the garden.
Well I better this day going. What ever you are doing today make it the best.

Playing with fire and ice.

Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. Love the colours in this painting. Enjoy your gardening, too hot here.

  2. Oh my goodness, Nicole! 😃 I don't know what exactly I'm looking at, but... It's amazing! 👌🏻 Those colors are givin' me LIFE. It's a perfect mix of what life is, at least IMHO - sometimes it's cold but sometimes, quite colorful. 🧡💛💙💚💜🤎

  3. I love this abstract Fire and Ice. It's lovely. Glad you enjoy gardening. It's gotten too hot to enjoy it here.

  4. Beautiful painting. Have a great day, Valerie

  5. I love the way the fire is melting the ice, Nicole...superb! Such heat in that fire...
    Sorry to hear you're still having eye problems :-( Head up, shoulders back. It isn't going to conquer you! So happy you've been enjoying gardening. I don't do gardens, but I do pots of flowers - and tomatoes - and I love the joy they bring, as well as the pleasure of caring for them, lol.
    Have a great week!
    Cath x

  6. Very cool painting (also very hot). Lol!

  7. More seriously, I truly love the shrouded beings!

  8. Beautiful work.
    Hope your eyes get well again, I know the pain, had a virus once and couldn´t see clearly. Not even reading. And ever since I need night cream to keep them moist.
    OK, things could be worse!

  9. Came back again to look at this painting. Am I the only one seeing shrouded critters? Yes, also fire and ice but those beings are working their magic on me! I’m drawn to them.

  10. Hi Barbara yes there are 6 spirit beings. I often paint these women. Once in awhile a man shows up. Glad you see the magic.

    1. I don’t just see the magic, I feel it! I’ll be watching for more...