Sunday, June 28, 2020

Sunday Post Fresh Bread

Hi Everyone!

Yesterday I kind of had an easy day. I got up at 5AM. opened all the windows to get the "wind" ocean breeze through my house. Did all my morning things then made a loaf of bread. I wanted to try this recipe given to me by one of my Oregon friends. All I can say is Wow! This is the easiest loaf of regular bread to make. It is an Amish recipe at the end of the post.

It easily mixes by hand into a very nice dough

 Only after an hour it more than doubled in size.

 Punch it down knead to get a good shape, 2 or 3 minutes

Again the rise on this dough is amazing. This is after 30 minutes
Baked for about 30 minutes
 Right out of the oven

Could this be more perfect? 
OK, I am not bragging, just so darn proud of this loaf. LOL

 I did allow it to cool, uhhh about 1 minute. LOL 
click on the photo to see the texture. It is excellent.
 Leave it to the Amish for an easy, perfect loaf of bread.
 The recipe. For the flour I just used  Bob's Red Mill all purpose flour, 
 so any kind will work.
Click on this to see it better.
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  1. That ocean breeze sounds amazing, Nicole... 💙 Lucky girl! 💦

    And the loaf of bread looks great, I'd eat it 100% - no doubt! 🧡

  2. That's a beauty!! And I'm surprised you waited the entire minute before tasting it lol...Usually I can't wait even that long. I'm going to save that recipe, thanks for sharing!!

  3. Nothing makes a house smell more heavenly than bread baking in the oven!

  4. Wow, wish I was a baker. This looks yummy.

  5. looks perfect to me. And, I would have cut it warm too. Love warm bread and the butter melded on it. Yummy!

  6. Greetings Nicole:
    Y U M M Y!
    -Eva Maria

  7. This is making my mouth water Nicole! Your bread looks yummy, and thanks for sharing the recipe.
    Happy new week,
    Alison xx

  8. Looks yummy! I just ordered Half a Glattes this morning at our little bakery. A grey bread. A 40 minutes walk, well, what do you do for your hubby, huh? ;-)