Saturday, June 27, 2020

Saturday Morning

Hi Everyone!
It's early Saturday morning. The sky is overcast, the wind is blowing, and the rain is about to fall. My garden is covered, the plants waiting for a sunny day. Yesterday, before the winds came up I took some photos to show my landlord. I am so fortunate to rent from a man that has a heart of gold and shares that gold with me. Hopefully I will get a bounty of veggies so I can leave some on his door step.  So here's what I got.
I made a platform for the containers to sit on
All companion plants. They are a bit crowded 
but seem to like it cause they are growing.

Oh I forgot to mention that all plants are from seed.

 We found some PVC pipe in the barn and made the hopes so 
I can cover the plants when the weather is not so compliant. 

I am the kind of person that if you tell me, "I can't" and I think I can
Welllll I am going to give it a try.
I found this old sink, put a plastic container inside
and planted peanuts. I have another container 
that goes on top for a mini green house.

 Peanuts are growing just fine
Someone also tole me I couldn't grow anything 
in the sand we have here. REALLY?
and some of them are producing.

I can't believe I am gardening and now flowers too!
I am hooked.

Because I don't want to bend over, I put more containers on these old selves
on my deck. Mr. M. suggested putting the tops on to help protect the plants
It works for me. The tops come off easily when the weather is nice and when not
The tops go on and coveed with mesh fabric. Everything is producing.

 I also took an old table that I used when I was doing shows
and made  use of it.
Poor Mr. M, he has  no place to grill. He never
complains and just rolls the grill over onto the yard. 
I have tried to utilize what ever I have on hand to grow.
These are one of my potato plants. I used a canvas bag I got in Mexico a few years ago.
Yes there are plants everywhere. The ones on the deck are to get away from the wind.
I have learned so many things about gardening, and next year, I will do things a 
bit differently. For now I am having so much fun.
Do you garden?  What are some of your tips and tricks?

Enjoy your day.

Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. Fake photos, everyone knows there is no blue sky in Florence, LOL, enjoy it, the garden is accepting of your love and enthusiasm, growing to give it back to you, plus produce to eat. Win, win. I love it, my grow dates are so far behind, as are my plants.

    1. You are so funny Donna. Wish you still lived here to help me out.

  2. Replies
    1. Deb, I don't have a clue of what I am doing but it's working. LOL

  3. Your garden is growing very well … so nice to see.

    All the best Jan

  4. You are amazing Nicole, growing all those plants in the face of adversity! I'm no gardener, although I will happily prune and weed under supervision. Lol.
    Enjoy the sunshine whilst it lasts!
    Alison x

    1. Thanks Alison. You are right, I probably would never have done this if we weren't in the situation we are in.

  5. Holy cow, Nicole. You have truly developed a green thumb. The virus was sure good for something. Sadly, I'm not that ambitious. I have a few herbs I'm growing and some of them from seeds I've saved from the previous year. You are doing a marvelous job.

    1. Elisabeth all of my plants are from seeds and a friend of mine is giving me instructions on how to reap seeds from this garden. Sooooo much to learn.

  6. Wow you have a green thumb! I just plant perennial flowers that take care of themselves. when they flower they are lovely.

    1. Thanks Christine. I never thought I would be doing this because our weather is so bad here. If I'm not fighting the rain, it's the wind. Right now it's both. LOL Hey what else do I have to do?

  7. Wow,looks like you have a very productive garden. Enjoy. We have rain today, thankfully. x

  8. Glad you are having fun with gardening. Enjoy your weekend, Valerie

  9. This is fantastic! I love it that you are challenging the elements and not giving up. Also you're trying plants that you aren't even supposed to be able to grow! Great spunk! I look forward to following the garden along through the summer.

  10. I just love Saturdays! 💛 I know that tomorrow's Sunday so, leaves enough time. 👌🏻 And so I go all carefree. 🤷‍♂️ Btw, your lil' cute garden is wonderful, Nicole. 🙂