Monday, June 22, 2020

Playing in the art room

Hi Everyone!

Yesterday I actually played in my art room. This is a piece that the background was already painted on some kind of paper that I am not sure what it is. Not very thick. With some acrylic paint I topped the background with birch trees and a bit of foreground. It was not as easy to make the trees on paper but, I was just having fun. 
I am off to the grocery store so I need to get going. It opens at 6AM and I want to be there just after opening.
Have a great Monday.

Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. Hi Nicole, the painting is stunning. Nothing new with your work! 🙂

    Love how dark it is, but still colorful. And yes, it totally makes sense! 💙🧡💛💜

  2. Beautiful painting, love the colours and textures. Hope shopping was stress free.

  3. I always love a painting with birch trees.

  4. Yes wonderful! One of my favorite subjects, but none as good as yours

  5. Unbelievably beautiful, Nicole. You paint so well and I'm so impressed with your painting ability. This latest painting of the birch trees is AWESOME.