Thursday, March 26, 2020

TAD with Rain

Hi Everyone!
Today is Thursday Art Date with Rain. The prompt is "In like a Lamb out like a Lion." I had all good intentions of drawing or painting something for this.  Haaaa my week just go away from me. Soooo I found these beauties on line. 
Not my art or photos all from google. 

 Elbow hugs, stay safe.

Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. Hey Nicole, thanks for sharing these wonderful and dreamy photos! Last two are awww-dorable! ^.^

  2. Great photos!
    Elbow hugs!!!
    Hope you feel well now!!!

    Stay safe!

  3. Lovely photos, time does seem to pass quickly! Have a great day, stay safe. Valerie

  4. Great photos!!!
    It's not bad everyone has their time, I often have too little of it. Having fun is fun and they are among the people who are as creative as they are
    Take care of yourself
    Hugs Elke

  5. Ahhh ... I know the feeling and I must say that your choices are excellent. And "Elbow Hugs" right back at you ... love your cleverness :)

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  6. Awesome lion and lamb photography ~ ^_^

    Stay Calm and Be Well,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  7. What wonderful images! I especially like the cloud one.

  8. Beautiful images you found Nicole!

  9. Oh the cloud image is gorgeous. My favourite of the lot


  10. Wow, Nicole, you found some genuine beauties to meet this challenge. Real gems.


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