Thursday, March 26, 2020

Paint Party Friday March 26

Hi Everyone!

Here it is Paint Party Friday. Surprisingly, I  have some art this week. LOL I also want to thank all of my wonderful readers, some of you have been following me since my beginning. August 27, 2008 for this blog. I actually started my first blog with yahoo in 1994 or somewhere around there. OMG! that is a long time. LOL. As you know I have been trying to learn how to draw hair. I am not sure why it is so difficult for me. I will say that this one is better. 😊
One mistake I only had PC paper so blending is not as good,
 but I was concentration on the hair.

  I also did some small abstract pieces that are going to NC. Yay!!! 
For me working on abstract takes me off to another place. Mr. M can come into the art room and say something to me, but if I am working on abstract he has to say my name a few times. I am completely absorbed in another space and time. 

Both of these are 12x12" gallery stretch canvas in acrylics. Both sold to the same person.
I am linking to PPF with the beautiful Eva and Kristen. Come by to see what the other
artists have created, or join in. 

Be safe and elbow hugs

Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. Beautiful art. Stay safe, happy PPF, Valerie

  2. I do like the hair, Nicole. It's good! Also, the abstract pieces are wonderful too. I remember Yahoo! Groups but not blogs, but yeah, that was such a long time ago. Hard to remember anything from yesterday, let alone from (more than) 2 decades ago.

  3. Your drawing and abstracts' colors are beautiful.
    Happy PPF and stay safe xx

  4. You are getting expert at hair! Beautiful abstracts too.

  5. I think the hair challenge you have created for yourself is being won! It’s wonderful! I know your “out of body experience” when involved in making art. It is the most relaxing space to be in, and Art Therapy at its best during our unsettled times.

  6. wonderful art!!Happy PPF and stay safe, Elke

  7. Beautiful hair .... and those abtracts are stunning! Can imagine that you have to dig in whilst painting !

    Happy weekend long time blogger girl!

    Stay safe!

    Susi xxx

  8. The hair is wonderful. I think you have it GREAT. It's wonderful. And a beautiful girl, too.

    As for your abstracts, I can see why someone would want them. I love how you have captured both movement and color in these. They are superb!!

  9. I put a Guest Artist post on my blog that made me think of you. It’s the first post right now...

  10. Oh wonderful artwork on hair ~ And congrats on your sale of abstract art ! Wow!

    Be Well,
    A ShutterBug Explores

  11. great job with the flowing hair Nicole. I love doing abstracts the most!

  12. Nicole, how interesting that abstract removes the noise for you... not concentrating on hair lines for instance. I gotta think about that, but I suspect it's the freedom and release of making it look like something. Right? Same with me and abstract sewing... "wha? I seem to be hungry? Oh it's two hours past lunch..." lol

  13. Love the colours in the abstracts. Good for you keeping up with blogging since 2008. That's much longer than most last. - Margy

  14. I do love the hair Nicole! And your acrylics are wonderful! :) 1994....hmmmm...I can't remember that year lol. Geez, that was too long ago it seems! I started blogging in 2004 I think with....Geocities? could that be right? But I really started my serious blogging in 2018 when I bought my domain name! Fun to think back of how things have evolved blog-wise!!

  15. Her hair looks good to me …
    Well done on your sale of abstract art …

    All the best Jan


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