Monday, March 23, 2020


Hi Everyone!
Today has been busy with talking on the phone and the PC with family and friends. Oregon's Govn shut down our state today. We have so many tourist cram packed on our beaches that you would think there is no virus. I live 2 miles from Florence beach and just a few blocks from the Siuslaw River which is our Old Town and tourist mecca.  I hope Govn Brown puts National Guard at the beaches to keep people out.  Here is just one of the beaches yesterday. REALLY?

One of my dearest friends has a DIL that is the only EMT in a small town in OR. She has been sick for 3 days. She was tested today and now has to wait 4 days for the results. I am so hoping it is not Covid. Strange and scary times we live in. 
However, I am trying to keep busy, and stay calm. I painted today and started a drawing with long hair. I am taking my time on the hair and tying to get it right. Hair, draw it in layers, erase, then add more layers and darken shadows.
Here it is so far. It's coming along. 

Here is the painting. There will be some trees added and some touch up.

Finally, I wanted some candy today. I don't normally eat candy and so there is none in the house not even stashed somewhere. LOL  2 things. I did not want to drive over to the $ store to get candy and on Sunday when I went grocery shopping the only, and last 4 bags of, sugar on the shelves were the 10lb bags. OMG! that will last me two years. Sooooooo since I have the sugar I made my own hard candy. Very easy and hits the spot. Oh I used green food coloring and my flavor is almond. Probably should break these into smaller pieces. LOL

Be safe.

Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. Enjoy your candy!! :) The hair looks really great Nicole!!

  2. Your drawing looks great so far -- what a lovely waterfall of hair!

  3. Have fun with your candy. Too many people around, that's bad. Stay safe, Valerie

  4. Your portrait and landscape are looking great Nicole, and the candy looks interesting. I am trying to be sugar free, I think it will be easy now that my husband is doing the shopping.
    Some people don't seem to be taking the virus seriously enough! One of our daughter's housemates may have it, which is a worry. Although she is young and healthy thankfully.
    Best wishes,
    Alison xx

  5. Oh wow, you make your own candy? That's interesting! I'm trying to eat less sugar these days. Anyways, love the hair. And, you're right - it is a crazy time. We just have to endure.

  6. Oh dear, I don’t know what will happen on your beaches since the news this morning is about Trump relaxing virus restrictions to help the economy. The choice between boosting the economy and saving lives seems like a no-brainer to me. Unrelated, but so important, your hair drawings just get better and better! I feel like this hair could actually be combed. So convincing, well done!

  7. That is the madness of the people, I am glad that all vacationers had to be away from me on the coast and no day visitors.
    These are delicious sweets! A great drawing with the hair and the trees and waterfalls is fascinating!
    I wish you all the best and stay healthy and careful!
    Greetings Elke

  8. Oh my gosh... people need more brain ...
    this haor comes along very!
    And the painting is impressive !!!

    Take good care of you ... I would love to taste your almond flavoured candy!!!

    Hugs, Susi


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