Saturday, March 21, 2020

For Rain

Hi Everyone!

This post is for Rain and any others who have not seen my leather sculptures. I have been working with leather since I was very young. Then, I made native regalia clothing and bead work. I know how to bow hunt, and tan the hides.  So over many decades, my leather art changed to more modern and I buy my leather now.  Here are some of my favorite pieces. All faces and skulls are molded with the mold removed. So the leather stands solid on its own. All dolls are made with armature and I make the clay faces.

  There is a lot more leather art that I have photos of. I sell most of what I make.

Be safe my friends

Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. Thanks so much Nicole! Your leather art is really something else. I love the skull! AND...I love that you know how to tan. That is a very amazing skill to have. Wonderful, I really have never seen any art like this! :)

  2. Wow, a whole new art form! Plus, I love faces anywhere. Excellent!
    Thanks for your blog visit on my end. :)

  3. Oh wow... these are all unique and special! Great!!! Thank you for showing again, I have seen pieces of you but not these... amazing!

    Happy Sunday!
    Susi xxx

  4. Wow! Your leather sculptures are amazing Nicole! Stay safe yourself!

  5. Yeah, I haven't seen these either. Quite interesting. I like them, Nicole. And it's nice that you explained to us how you made them.


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