Saturday, January 18, 2020

More Cabs by Beadwright

Hi Everyone!

Huurraayyyy. I know that creepy prednisone is out of my system because I am full of energy and cleaning the clutter in my art room. LOL If you know me at all you know I am a clean freak and hate clutter.  I also finished up another round of cabochons. (pronounced cab O shawn) For my non beading pals, and I was asked this in a comment, cabochons or cabs have typically been used in jewelry making.  Cabs can be made out of any material but in the older days precious and semi precious stones were cut into all sizes and shapes of cabs.  As the beading world began to explode in the early 1990s cabs began to be made out of any material imaginable. From glass, wood, carving stone, clay,  resin, polymer, digital, tooooo well, if you can name it has probably been made into some type of cab. In my 50 year career in beading cabs were an essential part of my jewelry. However,  I have always used cabs in my leather sculpture and multimedia art as well. You can see more of my cab at where I also hand paint glass cabs. Beaders and artists alike purchase my cabs, and of course the best beading foundation is my Nicole's BeadBacking. OK, I am plugging. LOL
Hope this explains a bit about cabs. 

My new cabs
Molded Resin 3-D cabs

Another type of Molded Resin 3-D cabs

Fused Glass Cab. Beadwork by Me.

Petrified Wood Cab beadwork by me.

Hand Painted glass cab and beading by me.

Hand painted glass cab beading by me. I love this one I actually have polka dot leather for the finish. 

Two faced clay cab beading by me.

Floating tea cup leather sculpture by me. 

There are two cabs tea fall. Can you find them?

Have a great Saturday.
Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. Glad you are feeling better. Really lovely creations.

  2. what are these wonderful fascinating things, the molded resin 3-D cabins are cool and so are the others. * wow * these are works of art all !!!
    Have a good Day, Elke

  3. My husband is weaning himself off the Pred too. It's hard and it has been a good thing for him to manage some terrible pain that he's had. But he is down to just a small amount now. I'm proud of you! And I read what you wrote to him. LOVE your beautiful beadwork! What an eye you have for beauty!

  4. Though I have not been beading, I can attest that your backing is the BEST!! Love your cabs too.
    xx, Carol

  5. Ooh! A beautiful feast for the eyes Nicole! x


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