Tuesday, December 3, 2019

What not to do when you are drawing

Hi Everone!

I am sitting here with a nice hot bowl of oat meal. It is still cold but not as bad as the freeze we had last week. So the oat meal is a nice soothing breakfast. OK... I am rambling because the art I have to show is....well....you will see. LOL
Each of us have our own formulas for creating art.  For me when I draw a face I draw the outline of the face, add what will be hair,  then see where the features will go in. It is all line work at first. I normally start with the nose. For me that is the center of the face and will give my the guidelines for the mouth and eyes. So that is how this face started. However, something went terrible wrong after the nose went in. I was loving how the mouth was turning out. Full lips, a bit of an opening, and the shading was coming along just fine. However I never looked up from the paper. I never took notice of where the mouth was or how it measured to the eyes. When I did look up and held the paper away from me I saw that I was totally off. OMG! Really?  So the lesson for today is.... look up and "see" your art as you are creating. 

Laugh with or at your art. It makes creating more enjoyable.

Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. Good tip! My art teacher advised us to draw "from the inside out" -- first, do the eyes, then the nose, then the mouth. After those are done, draw in the outline of the face, then the hair. Going in this order helps to keep everything in perspective.

    1. Yes my art teacher, my grandmother, also taught me that way. It never worked for me. LOL

  2. I think the face is interesting face! No one has the same faces whether mouth or ears, hair, nose
    This is art to paint while switching off and then see what comes out.
    So keep your drawings no matter which ones I like a lot!
    greetings Elke

  3. Thanks Elkes. I am glad I didn't throw it away.I will finish it.

  4. Just reading Elkes and your comments - definitely finish it... we each see something different in art don't we. For me, when I saw her face, I interpreted it that she was making an expression with her mouth ~✨💛~

  5. It's not THAT disastrous. It still looks good and there WILL be people who look just like the face you've drawn. I think it's great. That's a great idea from Elkes. Try painting it and it will change again...cheekbones and shading change everything.
    You're a really talented artist!
    Cath x

  6. That's great advice! Your sketch is looking good.

  7. I agree. You have to realyl enjoy your art, the good, the bad and even the ugly. But your piece is looking fantastic and NOT ugly. Hope you enjoyed the oatmeal. Hugs-Erika

  8. Laughing is always good. I glued collage pieces on the wrong way round last week. It will be a journal page with a difference! Valerie

  9. As someone who can't draw, I'm always in awe of your art, even if you feel you have messed it up. Trust me, you have skills I will NEVER have, so embrace them. They are definitely precious. And so is your art!

  10. yep, we artist need to stop being so serious with our art and realize things like this happen :)

  11. I think whatever we do it's good to laugh …

    All the best Jan