Thursday, August 29, 2019

PPF One more week to the eye dr

Hi Everyone! 

I am still dealing with my eye. I have a visit with the eye doctor on the 4th and will let you all know what is going to happen.
I did get some art done. It seems to help if I focus in on something wearing dark sunglasses. 
Thank you for leaving comments, again as soon as I can get more than 5 minutes on the PC at a time every 4 hours I promise to get to everyone to leave comments. 
Here is the art for this week.
All acrylic paints.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear you're still dealing with your vision problems, but God willing you'll get it resolved soon. I love the first two pieces, with those bright colored figures. Happy PPF!

  2. Hi Nicole, not too long for you to wait now for the eye Dr - it must be frustrating coping.
    Have to say how brilliant your artwork is - the colour and vibrancy of the first two are beautiful.
    Love the next two as well - especially the moonlit water, so dreamy.
    Happy PPF and all the best :D) xx

  3. Baila, baila - I like these colorful paintings.
    Of course b/w works always too.
    Have good weekend, hope your eye problem is solved soon.

  4. Wow, amazing textures and colours. Best of luck with your eyes.

  5. I like the colourful dancers! And the beautiful full moon landscape.

  6. Beautiful Paintings! I love the last two paintings, very mysterious!

  7. Wishing you all the best with your eyes. Lovely artwork. Loving all the colours and textures and movement in your pieces. Really beautiful.

  8. Lovely pieces, all the best for your eye checkup.

  9. Stunning colorful art.
    Hope your eye broblem is solved soon.
    Happy start of September 💗

  10. Such long, drawn out issue around your eye troubles:( Hope you get the answers real soon Nicole. Wonderful artwork. I love the people art especially. Happy PPF!

  11. lots of great texture and colour :)

    hope its good news about your eye

  12. I hope you get the eye troubles sorted out. Your works are very interesting! Love the colors and shapes!!

  13. Hi Nicole. I hope your eyes get better. Just hopping around on the net. Take care and be well. Me, glorv1 or Gloria.

  14. You are truly amazing and so talented Nicole!! Big Healing Hugs!


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