Monday, January 16, 2017


Hi Everyone!

I am creating everyday just not posting everyday. LOL I am ahead of my days too and I like that. I am working on a project that takes time. I have about 12 hours into it and it is about half finished.  Three other leather projects are drying and waiting to be painted.  For now here are the last three days of sketches. Some one mentioned during Paint Party Friday about posting only our good works. I have never been that way. Drawing is very new to me as a steady art form and I have posted some real ugly doozies. I say this because my old lady is a doozie. LOL I drew her too large on the paper and so she has a bit of giantism  and looks cartoony.  However when I was drawing her all I thought was she wants to go dancing. LOL

So here are 16, 17, and 18  pieces so far.

A bit of wash out on the photo

Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. fantastic drawings, the first one is my fave, she has such a great expression! Hugs, Valere

  2. I like what you say about posting. You've had fun drawing your ladies. The way you have one eye of your last lady peeking through her hair is nice. The first lady looks full of fun :D)

  3. she does look she wants to go dancing, maybe try a tango

    ALL of us artists have "bad" or "off" drawings, and a person is lying if they say they don't. you can't improve if you don't mess up

  4. Your drawings are super!
    It is no need to post every day - you are totally right!

    oxo Susi

  5. These are all lovely and I really think the second one is fabulous! Super shading and great proportions!

  6. Your drawings are pretty damned good!! I have to tell you that I am more drawn to the ones that you draw that are more than just faces (such as the 3rd one). The other two just have so much more personality and expression. The first one may be a doozie, but she has me wondering what she's looking at with a bit of laughter in her eyes and why she is trying not to smile. Perhaps I love her wrinkles. Each day I look in the mirror I see myself differently. One day I am that young lady that married my husband 45 years ago. But some days reality speaks to me and I see the "me" my face has become. Wrinkles with a bit of jowl. I'm comfortable in that because we are growing old together. See how thought provoking your art is?!!
    Much love to you Nicole. Though I see you on FB, I love that you continue to blog where I can tell you what I REALLY think.
    xx, Carol

  7. These are all fabulous Nicole!!! I have to tell you, I love the older lady!! I love her expression! Well done! Big Hugs!


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