Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Hi Everyone!

Over the last 50 years of beading and being part of the beading world on many levels, I have met beaders and seen some beadwork from every angle. Every once in awhile a bead artist comes around that touches souls and inspires from the heart. Sylvia Chao is one of these artists. She brings the spirit of the past to the present, and done with extraordinary passion and honor. I am thrilled to introduce to you Sylvia Chao.


I have been a bead artist for over 10 years. My jewelry has been sold in galleries and bead stores. I recently moved from California to New Mexico, as my husband is a physician at UNM. I started experimenting with bead embroidery and found it fascinating way for me to express my vision around found objects. The photo I sent is of a portrait painted by a San Diego artist who passed away, her works were being sold off at antique shop. I wanted to honor her memory. I used Swarovski crystals, pearls, and seed beads stitched to embrace and enhance the porcelain plaque. I have tried other methods and materials, even tried dyes and paints to color my background, but your product (Nicole's BeadBacking) is superior to any! No messy dyes, paint, you can pick a background color and go for it. I love history and bead embroider frames around antique photos of women and children. I felt drawn, compelled to bring them some measure of honor by my use of color and design. I hope you enjoy them! You can contact me at ladysyl(AT)yahoo dot com and I'd be happy to show you more. I have also done work using religious prayer cards and your products and results came out great!
Warmest regards,
Sylvia Chao 

Now here is just a few pieces of Sylvia's art.

Please leave a comment and then drop Sylvia a line to tell her what you think of her art.
Honor and integrity in art, in life.


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