Sunday, February 7, 2016


Hi Everyone!

Sunday and I slept in. Something I don't do very often. Last night I started watching a Netflix series called "Revenge". Ohhhh what a great show. Lots of twists and turns. So while I was watching that I sketched this.
I mentioned awhile back in a PPF post that I was going to learn how to draw hair this winter. Well this hair didn't turn out well, it is a learning process though. Big thanks to Ayala Art for hosting 29 Faces

 Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. Great work. She looks very sultry. I have not seen the series Revenge but I do like plots with lots of twists to keep me guessing :)

  2. Hi the hat, it reminds me of a Private Detective or someone sneaky from the 1930s, very cool. Hair can be difficult so I have embraced messy hair, covering up the ears because that is something I have not YET been able to draw. Great post and I will have to check out "Revenge". Hugs, Rasz

  3. I like this face and the hair looks good. I hate drawing hair so I usually end up doing something a headdress or a hat.

  4. Hair is difficult. No. Face with hair is difficult! :)
    But 29 faces kicks us to try and learn.
    Have a great week!

  5. She reminds me of film noir ladies, dakr, mysterious, fatal!

  6. Love her hat! I always have trouble drawing hats :-) I actually love drawing hair, and giving my characters the weirdest hairdo's. Maybe you can find some video's about it on Youtube? I once found a really good one and I wanted to give you the link, but it's not there anymore....

  7. She is sassy looking! I like the way she looks! I like her hat and her hair!

  8. She is like a model, a hat gives a good impression.


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