Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Hi Everyone!

I want to share with you the amazing experience I have had with getting my new website up and running. First I have had a website since 1995. I taught myself html and took a local class on websites and I was hooked. Over the years I ended up with owning my own web program (Web Studio) In 1999/2000 WS was a very good product. As they updated to what is out now WS5. It went down  hill, as my old website showed.  The kicker was not being able to go mobile with WS5. Or at least not easily. So I made the big change to CityMax as my website host.  I am so glad I did. My Sis, Lori Culligan who has been with CityMax many years helped me understand the nuances of CityMax. It is so easy.  It only took a few days to get it up and running. If you are looking to change your website host, or to make your first website, I highly recommend CityMax.  Ohhh and going mobile was a click of the mouse with CityMax.  Instant download for patterns with your own private download page.  Meaning if you lose the pattern all you need to do is sign in and re download. I love that feature! Come on by and see my new website. Right now any order no matter how big is only $5.00 shipping and handling.

Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. I'm glad to hear that you've found such excellent hosting! You do such beautiful works!

  2. Thanks for all the information! I have been thinking of doing something different with my art! Big Hugs and congrats again!

  3. I think your CityMax was a perfect choice. The new Website is Great and Easy to Navigate!!


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