Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Hi Everyone!
I spent a week at my mom's taking care of  "things" My mom lives in a town in OR. that 99.5% of the men DO NOT WANT TO WORK!!! Seriously I was so frustrated trying to get "men" who claim to have businesses to work. This is not the first time either. After many phone calls, actual hires that NEVER showed up and only one that called me 6 hours after he was suppose to be at the house. I was ready to scream. Finally I got a guy to come do the work that is reliable. (Oh from another town too)  I also hired a person to help clean while I am not at my mom's. REALLY??? I had to go over almost everything this person did. Do people know what clean is??? I mean people who claim to be in the cleaning business?  By the time I left I did get the things accomplished but what a hardship. I guess I just have always taken pride in what I do and who I am. If I say I am going to do something I DO IT! On a better note
 I also met a great guy, because he is in my age group (60 ish), who came and removed an old motor home that my mom used when she traveled the country doing shows. This motor home has been sitting in the back yard and just needed to be removed. Hurrayyyy for Roger who without a blink came over and with in 20 minutes had the motor home up on a loader going down the road. Now that is how it is suppose to be right?
I had a wonderful time with my mom. We laughed and cried remembering my brother and sister who have passed away, we watched Game of Thrones together and spent a lot of time hugging. I moan and groan about what needs to be done for my mom but we are making such wonderful memories that I will need when she goes to play with my brother and sister.
OK so enough of that........ LOL here is the motor home. It was so awesome watching Roger maneuver and then drive off down the road.

Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. It is very frustrating here, too. It seems workers either 1) never call you back or 2) just don't show up. I always think to myself....don't they need the work or better yet the money?

    I know you are cherishing all the time you are spending with your Mom!

  2. Hi Nicole. That motorhome must have been an oldie. You are doing what needs to be done. For some reason I thought your Mom was in Sacramento. I didn't know she lived in Oregon as well. I think the men are tired of looking for work and have decided they don't want to work but will get help from the government instead. It seems that's the way things are going. Glad you are back and nice to hear you had a good time with you mom.

  3. yes,Nicole..they will be the memories that keep you going when she is gone..the ones that will let you sleep at night,knowing you did all you could..and cared enough to be there for her. So often,it is just one child who helps,the other siblings can't(aka won't..for whatever reason,which i never understood. what is more important than being there for a parent who spent their life doing for them)..anyway,i digress a bit!! So glad you finally found a man who was a real man,who was happy to help. What a lovely area your mom lives in.I'm so glad you could enjoy some time with her. i also know that you are happy to be home for a do need time for yourself and to be sure you stay healthy. It is a good thing that you can come home for a bit. take care of yourself my friend. xo

  4. You worked your Patootie Off my friend. I'm sure Mom appreciated it and look at all of the time you got to spend with her...and the deck..LOL.. You did an awesome job! :)

  5. I only know such behavior from some countries in Southern Europe, but here People usually come when you cal them to get some work done.So glad you had a good time with your mom and you're back home safe.

  6. i really do empathize and hear you. sometimes we need to be listened to and heard. and i hear ya - loud and clear. great you and your mom got to spend quality time together. and you saw to it that a lot of stuff got done. great. relax and enjoy your weekend, if you can. cheers!!

  7. Yeh for Roger ;o) I don't understand people! I am like you Nicole! You do the job and you do it right! There isn't too many people like this anymore! Really weird, when people say they don't have work?? Well,, I wonder why?
    So happy you and your mom had a great time together! It's these moments, that you will never forget!
    Mom and I didn't like GOT! We thought it was boring! They could have done more than have the fight scene for the entire hour! Don't you think?
    Big Hugs ;o)

  8. It can be so frustrating when workers are unreliable! You accomplished so much! Must have been great spending such good quality time with your mom and I'm glad you were able to get the motorhome removed.


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