Monday, May 26, 2014


Hi Everyone!
 Last week I had a visit from a dear friend that brought me a birthday gift. She knew I was down with lupus during my real birthday time and didn't want to bother me until I felt better. Donna arrived at my home and in her hands was a pastel picture. She handed it me saying, " I was going through some of my dad's things and came across this. I knew it was yours as soon as I saw it."
How honored I am to have a piece of art that was created by my friend's father. Then I saw the painting. ARE you kidding me? This is as if Donna's dad knew me.  As I inspected the painting I noticed that  he created this the year I was born. How fortunate am I to have a friend like Donna?
Thank you again dear friend. I am making a frame for this and placing in with my other skulls and skeletons.
A 62 year old painting just waiting for me.

Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. Wow! How often happens something like this?! You are lucky, really lucky... to have a friend like that! Kisses from Maria

  2. What an amazing friend and wonderful painting!!! You are indeed blessed~


  3. Ohh,by the way, the picture is soooooooo cool! I love that!

  4. Wow what a great painting--meant to be yours, too!

  5. Nicole, thanks for posting that pastel, I am sure my dad is grinning at us both, me for giving and you for loving it. Perfect. I think I was just thinking about starting to paint about that year, makes me feel even older LOL, but I started within a few years of that, as it was cool to be with my dad in the basement and being allowed to mess with paints. Enjoy. Donna

  6. It's wonderful! How thoughtful your friend is!

  7. what a wonderfully thoughtful and special gift!!!
    the! karma!!!!!

  8. This painting was meant to be yours! The date, the skull! There are no accidents ;o) Big Hugs ;o)


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