Saturday, January 25, 2014


Hi Everyone!

Today, while I am trying to stay off my feet, I decided to make some cheese. It is so much fun and easy to do. This is like Ricotta or Farmer's cheese. Depending on how dry you make it. 
I got my ingredients from a gift that came in a kit. The cheese is sooooooo good!!!!! I made two batches. One seasoned with my Italian herbs for manicotti and one plain so I can eat it with fruit or honey or put on toast. 
Here is how,

In a large pot put 8 cups of milk. I use 2% so I get a less creamy cheese.
 Turn the temp to a low medium
 In a 1/2 cup of water add 1tsp of Citric Acid. Stir to dissolve and set aside
 Set cheese cloth in a colander in a clean sink.
 Allow the milk to get to 185 degrees F
 Once it reaches temp pour in the acid water. Stir gently and watch the curds appear.
 It is like magik. Allow to cook about 1 minute.
 With an open slotted spoon transfer the curds from the pot to the cheese cloth. 
Add 1/2 tsp of cheese salt.
 Whhheeellllaaaa you have cheese.
 This batch I added the Italian seasonings, garlic, and red pepper.
It looks like a bowl of popcorn but I a sure you it it cheese.

Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. Ohhh YUM- Cheese!!! Looks so good and fun to make too!

  2. Wow, that's cool! That is so impressive that you made cheese. :)

  3. I think making cheese is like magic. It is simple and satisfying. Hope you enjoy.

  4. hmmm, yummy, dea Nicole! Love to see your cheese making.
    Greetings and have a creative time.
    Erika - Das blaue Haus

  5. Oh wow! It looks delicious. I didn't even know you could make cheese at home. Very impressive!

  6. That is SO cool! And it looks wonderful too. I didn't know you could make cheese at home either, very nice! xoxo

  7. I could eat that entire bowl! This looks sooooo good!!! I really didn't know you could make cheese at home! Very cool!!! I will be looking for your package ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  8. Oh this looks really yummy and delicious! Great to see the process of cheese making at home!

  9. Nicole, you are my idea of a Renaissance Woman! Is there anything you can't do?
    Very impressive!

  10. That looks really delicious--and there is nothing better than fresh cheese!

  11. Wow, this is really cool! Do you add the seasonings before or after it's cooked? I'd love to try making a fat-free cheese like that!


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