Saturday, September 28, 2013


Hi Everyone!
OK the first big storm of the fall/winter season is on us and on us hard.  We are in a high wind warning. By Sunday between 70 to 80 mph wind gusts and let us not forget the 10 inches of rain.  Ohhhh it is so much fun living on the beach in Oregon. LOL
Our new house has us toasty warm. If the power does go out we have a genie so we won't be in the dark. LOL
I made food  yesterday, so we are set for the weekend to just sit back and watch the weather.
Here are some photos of what the weather is like here in the Pacific Northwest.
Hope your weekend is a good one


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  1. Please take care Nicole! Fantastic photos!
    (Nicole, I forgot to put on my blog, you were one of my booby prize winners! I always like to put in a couple of surprise prizes! e-mail me at stacy8@rogers,com with your address, please! )

  2. Awesome Nicole. I love rain, but not flooding. Take care and enjoy very carefully. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment on Anne. She will be missed. Have a great storm day.

  3. These are amazing photos! Oh, the awesome power of Mother Nature.


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