Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Hi Everyone!
It has been so cold today. 58 degrees on my porch this afternoon. Buuurrrrr. And people wonder why I miss the desert LOL
I haven't done a shoe post in a while and thought I would share some great and not so great shoes.
You know I love them!!!
I can see these painted in fire colors

 These are pretty colorful
 Ride em cow girl? uuuhhmmm goat shoes??? either way these are really bad.
Chain Chain Chain.....  chain of  love. For you youngsters that is part of an old song LOL

 This just hurts to look at them

 I had a friend years ago that was a drag queen he would have loved these.
 Hmmmm beach wear?
 Now these are horse hoof shoes Right?? LOL
 OK so I can see the Twilight crew wearing these LOL
 From scuba diving to dinner. Why take time to change Right?
         And this is your foot, this is your foot on heels
Put all the jokes aside. I WANT this shoe bathtub!!!!!
How cool is this?
Happy day everyone!
Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. Lovely shoes ! who would have imagined such styles could be made ? Best of all I love the bathtub . It would help take off the stress in the feet if you flaunted around in one of those mind blowing pairs !

  2. I want the shoe bathtub too - very cool!

  3. Owwwwwiiieeeee on many occasions in this post. Okay, hooves, who would do that? I too love the peacock shoes, I find them inspiring. And yes, that high heel bathtub is pinned to my virtual dream board on Pinterest! :) I wish I had the desert too... we're in the same weather boat and I want a weather refund!

  4. Ouch-- Some of those just look painful! I like a good pair of heels but Hooves? LOL! What girl wouldnt love that tub? I'd need a much bigger bathroom!

  5. That shoe bathtub is fantastic! Love it! All these shoes are freaky cool! Don't know if I would wear them, too much pain! LOL!


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