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Hi Everyone!

I get a lot of email everyday from beaders asking for all kinds of assistance. I am happy to share my knowledge. The most asked question is,  "How do I layer my flatwork pieces?"  Well I have been doing this technique for over 20 years. I have had this technique published in several magazines and in my own book,  "FlatWork" I have kits that show the technique and I teach this in my beading classes. The process I use is so easy.  
You can make your focal bead as tall as you like.
You will need a focal bead, seed and other types of beads, jewelry glue, basic beading supplies and Nicole's BeadBacking
Glue your focal to a piece of NBB. Flatwork or bead embroider the seed beads around the focal bead. Cut off the needle and thread,  then trim away the NBB close to the beading. If you are a beginner glue this beaded focal to another piece of NBB. Then tack stitch along side the seed beads. If you are a seasoned beader you do not have to glue the focal piece just tack it down.
Bead another row of seed beads around the focal. Cut the needle and thread then trim away NBB. Repeat the above step until you have the height you desire
Beading more rows gives a gradual layering. For a photo tutorial click here.
A very few samples of my layered flatwork.
This is Winter Ice published in Bead Design Studio July 2012
This photo is terrible but it is layered with crystal beads, Sterling Silver and carved white dicro glass.

A simple piece designed for using larger beads still maintains the layering
This is a layer and sculptural piece make with vintage Swarovski, Toho size 15/o seed beads. This piece was a gift to the Yamanaka family in Japan. Toho bead family.

This is a heavily layered and textured necklace. I sold it before I even had it finished. I like those kind of sale!!

The bracelet is a good showing of how the layers can really accentuate your focal bead.

This necklace I still wear today. The focal bead is  about 1 1/2 inches high and it is golden shinny

The is a great shot of how different size beads and my lacy flatwork can be used for this very easy layering technique.

I would love to see your layering pieces. Email me

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Unknown said...

Wann machst Das alles!!! So tolle Werke, so aufwändig gemach, klasse!!

Armored Mermaid said...

Lovely! What is the shiny focal bead in the sixth picture down?

Sarah Sequins said...

Nicole, this is awesome! What a great way to create dimensional work. :)

Magic Love Crow said...

Your creations are truly masterpieces!!!

Laura said...

Fabulous blog and jewellery Nicole. I used to bead loads before the watercolours took over. Enjoy!!!

Kimchie.onlineincome said...

beautiful.. can u post on how to make a bracelet too?