Thursday, April 18, 2013


Hi Everyone!
Veronica is this incredible bead artist who resides in Sweden. She is creative and a bit different in a very good way. OK so I love her "eye ball art" Everyone knows how I am enthralled by "eyes" LOL It is more than that thought.  There is an honesty with this young woman and I like her very much. So I am happy to introduce to you
Veronica Jonsson.
My name is Veronica Jonsson and the beads are my life together with my other passion, my pets.
I have been beading since 2003 and it was a long learning curve since I did it everything on my own. I was living in the middle of the forest and with no internet or classes available.
I started with bead weaving, I ordered a loom from a craft supply shop together with 2lbs of chinese seed beads.
Lets just say it was tricky to make the things look nice but after a while I found better beads...
Leaving the looming behind I was so impressed with the Japanese and Czech seed beads that the world opened up to me. I Started to go off loom and my designs, that only exists in my head most of the time, grew bigger and more advanced.

I am now a teacher in jewelry design. I teach my students the same way I learned, with imagination and freedom. I am glad to say that my students have a very high knowledge and passion for making jewelry designs on their own. They get passionate and innovative.
I, myself, know that I can learn even more, so I will never be fully learned, I might be going to the advanced part of the scale but I am humbled by the knowledge that is in the world, the possibilities are endless
 I am currently a participant in The Battle of The Beadsmith. My piece is very intricate and made with my backing of choice Nicole's BeadBacking NBB. It is the only bead backing that could hold the design I am doing.
Through this battle I have met the best of the best in the beading community. I am one of the leaders in the beading team Beaders United, some of the best and sweetest people is a part of this team and I am proud to be a part of something so caring and loving.
Here are just a few of Veronica's beautiful pieces.
When Veronica finished this piece she sent me a convo with this photo and

"What I do with your beadbacking, the best product I have tried :)"
She made my day.
 Don't you just love the feather eye lashes?!!!!

Please stop by to say hello to Veronica and tell her Nicole sent you.
Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


Magic Love Crow said...

Her art is amazing! Wow!! Nice to meet you Veronica ;o)

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Just beautiful!