Saturday, April 27, 2013


I will get the real giveaway photos up soon. I am keeping this post on top so scroll down for newer posts. You don't want to miss any right??? LOL

Hi Everyone!
Boy what a week. Getting caught up from surgery and trying to get back on routine has been a chore. LOL geeesss.... I think the best thing about feeling my old self is that I am able to bead again. I have a new piece that will be finished by the weekend. So that is a good thing. Also, I have been having so much fun playing with the new Rizo beads. What a great shape that Sabine Lippert designed. If you have not tried them I have a few colors in my Beadwright Etsy store.
I have been drawing as well. I love it when my hands are working right!!!
Sooo since it is my birthday month and I have been having sales every week in my Beadwright etsy store I also want to give some beads away. How about... are you ready???
Some Rizo Beads, and some Super Dous. Yeahhhh add a sheet of Nicole's BeadBacking  and there is a start of something really good.
All you have to do is leave a comment. If you want to share on your blog, FB or Tweet then come back and comment separately that you did for extra chances to win.
I will announce the winner on my birthday April 27.
If you don't know this is what the beads look like.
This is NOT the prize I will post that photo later today.
Super Duo beads

Rizo beads

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. Okay, I'm in for the drawing! Happy Birthday, Nicole, and may it be a memorable one, filled with good fun. Jeanne

  2. Oh, I've never tried these! They look like fun! (:

  3. From one birthday girl to another~ happy birthday sister! Now gimme those beads, because I wants them, and it's my birthday!



  4. Happy Birthday Nicole ! Those beads are lovely . Wish I could have them !

  5. Happy Birthday Month Nicole.. You want to give away beads? LOL! I am so glad your hands are working and you can bead again. I miss seeing your beautiful work!

  6. Clears throat---HHHHMMMMMM- Happy Birthday Month to You, Happy Birthday Month to you-- Happy Birthday, My friend Nicole.. Happy birthday Month to you!! Wow-- Was that off key or what?
    I am so glad you are through your surgery, feeling better and the hands are beading! Life is good!

  7. Happy Birthday Nicole !
    I would love to win - thank you for the chance!

  8. Happy birthday! I would love to be entered into your drawing!

  9. Wow the black beads really look beautiful. It would be nice if you could post a DIY video or post photos on how to make use of these. I look forward to it, great blog btw.

  10. Happy birthday! You should be the one getting presents! Thanks for the great giveaway. The black beads are especially beautiful!

  11. looking for free beads for autistic children to work with. I want to make a difference in their life and help them make friendship bracelets. I can be reached at thanks.

  12. Wants to get free beads from people to help autism kids make friendship bracelets. I can be reached at

  13. Commenting and sharing on FB! Happy early birthday, Nicole!

  14. I'm glad your hands are happy! Happy happy birthday wishes!!

  15. Glad to hear you are recuperating, Nicole. Sounds like you are back at everything with gusto! Dont work too hard.

  16. Nice to hear you are recuperating, Nicole! Sounds like you are back with full gusto. Don't work too hard.

  17. Happy Birthday! Glad to hear you are beading and painting - continue recuperating and enjoy your birthday!

  18. Happy Birthday! Do you celebrate the whole week or just one day? =)


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