Thursday, February 21, 2013


Hi Everyone!
OMG!!! Thank you all so very much for the wonderful get well comments, emails and e-cards. This is the first day since last Saturday that I have been out of been and feel like I can sit up for a while.
So the update is..... Saturday I had a gallbladder attack. Let me just say, GIVING BIRTH WAS EASIER!!!! If you ever have heart burn type symptoms that won't go away head to the ER. I waited thinking it would pass.  So without going into to much boring detail. The gallbladder basically holds bile from the liver and when we eat something that bile is released to help with digestion. OK, there are a few other things but that is the gist of it. Now sometime stones form and can float to the opening and cause some real trouble. In my ultrasound I don't have small little stones. Ooohhh nooooo not me..... I have an asteroid floating around just waiting to hit. Heee hee heee. It is huge! So yes I have an apt with the surgeon. No big deal every 5th person has a had their gallbladder removed. While I was in the ER I also had an EKG to make sure I wasn't actually having a heart attack. When my primary care doctor saw me yesterday and compared my EKG from one taken last year he was not happy. So I get to do a stress test too. How much fun is all of this???? eeeekkkk!! :0
NOT AT ALL how I thought I would spend this year. With the lupus my doctor makes sure that every avenue is checked and I like that. I am very week, and when I move I can tell you EXACTLY where my gallbladder is. The human body is remarkable and it is truly amazing how many parts can be removed and we still function. LOL   Ohhhh the really good news, I lost 6 pounds since Saturday. Yeahhhh....
Thank you again for all your kindness, healing energy, and prayers. It allows me to fight even harder.
So as not to leave you with a creepy "sick" post LOL. I want to share some art with you. I do like the connection of haunting faces and the softness of the pastels. Something ethereal created by
Hsiao-Ron was born in 1986. She started to work as a freelance illustrator/artist in 2012. She's working in pencils, oils, mixed media and digital.
Currently lives and works in Taipei, Taiwan. 
Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. I sure hope that your body decides to work with you soon. My DIL had her gallbladder removed after several attacks. Best thing she has ever done. Wishing you a healed body!

    The pictures are very cool, but at the same time kind of creepy. LOL

  2. Wow! What a roller coaster ride you have been on lately! Sending wishes that it levels out soon--these ups and downs have gotta go!

  3. Nicole, you make me laugh! I love your personality and your strength! Thanks for letting us know about the gallbladder and the heart burn symptoms! Good things to know! You will do great with your stress test. I don't know if it's the same in Canada, but they have you walk on a treadmill. Just think happy thoughts and sing to yourself ;o) It sounds like you have great doctors around you and that's excellent! I will keep sending you healing thoughts! Love the art!! Beautiful! Big Hugs ;o)

  4. Excellent compositions, I like these delicious images.

  5. I'm sending lots of positive, healing vibes your way. I *finally* finished the orders and I'll be emailing you this evening. You've been sick and I've been nose-to-the-grindstone busy...

  6. Wow, sounds like one doozy of a week... I hope you are feeling much better soon. Some lovely art too, thank you!

  7. I'm not sure it's an asteroid... I think it's a pain in the ASSteroid. :) Hoping that laughter doesn't hurt with the whole random party of ick your body is hosting without sending you an invite. Thinking of you Nicole! Sending positive energies and healing thoughts your way.

  8. Am hoping you find some humour somewhere in all this. Laughing is good for the soul. Do take care.

  9. I have most certainly not missed my gallbladder since it was removed almost three years ago. I am so very sorry you are having "attacks." They are as close to "I think I'm going to die" as I've been in a long time. Horrible. *hugs*

    Your sister in lupus and beads, CD


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