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Hi Everyone!
Short  update. I saw the surgeon yesterday. Guess what more testing next week then I will hopefully know if I will have surgery. He is concerned about my kidney. This does not surprise me. One of the main organs lupus attacks. I am spending a quiet weekend at home. Hmmmm that is all I do lately. LOL I am in great spirits and my sense of humor is peek. I love and sssoooo appreciate all of your comments and emails. Some of you have me laughing so hard it hurts. LOL
So Do you know Peggy Kemp? If not allow me to introduce her to you.

BW: Let's cut right to the chase. Do you have a mission statement? What motivates you to make art?
PiP: My mission is to help make the world a better place, every day, in whatever I way I can. I try to live aloha and be of loving service. In addition, I want to have FUN and encourage others to enjoy and have faith in their innate creativity and spiritual connection. I'm inspired by nature and color and shape. I'm motivated by how miserable I feel when I don't make art every day. My "beadsugar" gets low and I get crabby.
BW: Where do you currently live and for how long?
PiP: I live on the Garden Island of Kauai, in Hawaii. I live in a tiny apartment in the bottom of a large house, in a residential neighborhood mauka (toward the mountains) from Kapaa. I have lived on Kauai for almost 14 years and I still feel lucky to be here every day. I never take this beauty for granted.
BW: Do you do other work besides being an artist?
PIP: I still very much have a "day job." I am the CEO, chief cook and bottle washer, main worker, and "Princess in Charge" at Peggy in Paradise, the business I run out of my home studio. Peggy in Paradise is a full-serve business that covers everything I know how to do: bookkeeping, remote office management, search engine optimization, social media marketing and management, business consulting, personal organization, gardening, healing. And beading and doll-making! In my spare time, I run a little doll hospital and make doll clothes for fun.
BW: How long have you been making dolls? When did you start beading?
PIP: I have made dolls all my life. My mom taught me to embroider when I was five, and my sister and I dressed our dolls in clothes of our own design. I did cross-stitch and needlepoint for many years. I didn't start bead embroidering until I was around 40, so 20 years ago, and that was about the same time I began to focus on making healing dolls.
BW: What are healing dolls?
PIP: Healing dolls, and other intentional dolls, are made with a prayer in every stitch, while holding an intention of healing.
BW: Who would you say has influenced your art the most?
PIP: Well, Michangelo! And Rubens, Henri Rousseau, Frida Kahlo, and the mille fleur style of the Unicorn Tapestries. But in the modern day, it is without question, Robin Atkins. I met her online 7 years ago when I was searching for flower beads and ordered her book "Spirit Dolls." It is so aligned with who I am and what I do, I felt a kinship with her right away. I use her simple body pattern often. I also very much admire the three-dimensional woven beadwork of Diane Fitzgerald and the netted work of Sandra Halpenny. I love Dottie Hoeschen's faces. I am often inspired by the many beautiful blogs I read.
BW: Is there something you'd still like to learn?
PIP: Hundreds of things! I want to make my own faces. I have all the supplies, including a dedicated oven, but I haven't gotten around to playing with the clay yet. I want to draw better. I'm learning to work with encaustics, which is really fun. I want to make marionettes.
BW: What medium do you use when you're making dolls? Any favorite beads?
PIP: I use a variety of different backings, depending on the doll: felt, fabric backed with archival paper, or your own Nicole's BeadBacking, which I love. Since I discovered it (and this is not a paid plug) I have used it almost exclusively. It starts out rather stiff and holds it "hand" during stitching, but it does soften up as you use it. It does not ravel and it comes in really good bright colors, plus some neutrals. It's easy to use and doesn't stretch. I'm in love with natural freshwater pearls and anything 24K at the moment. My favorite colors are blue, fuchsia, hot pink, lime green, and coral.
BW: Do you make other things besides dolls?
PIP: I make beaded patches, stars, prayer nets, pocket tiaras, bookmarks, tassels, and custom doll clothes. I don't like to make the same thing over  and over.
BW: Pocket tiaras? What are they?
PIP: I had a dear friend who was diagnosed with a brain lesion and about to undergo a bunch of tests. I wanted to make her a tiara to remind her that she is a Princess of God, but she was having compression headaches and couldn't stand anything touching her head. I made her a pocket tiara that she could hold in her hand during the tests. (She has fortunately completely recovered without surgery or chemotherapy.)
BW: Do you sell your work? If so, how?
PIP: I do sell my work, by commission and almost entirely by word of mouth referral. It's not the main focus of my work, selling, but I do enjoy getting commissions and making intentional symbolic objects to order. I would like to do more of that. I can be reached by email at pegnard (at) and I have a paypal address people can send payment to. I have a blog: and am on Facebook: and . I love the community of artists on the net and welcome posts or comments on my blog.
BW: What projects are you currently working on?
PIP: I'm organizing an Improvisational Bead Embroidery Workshop with Robin Atkins on San Juan Island at the end of March. That is going to be so much fun. More info on that on her blog ( or on our event page on Facebook (
I'm making a series of intentional manifestation dolls and planning a large beaded doll for our compost heap outdoors called "Our Lady of Compostella." I love to garden, too, and go to the beach as often as possible.

Stop by Peggy's and tell her Nicole sent you.
Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. Thank you so much for featuring me, Nicole! I'm honored. Hope you are feeling much better very soon!

  2. What a super wonderful article!!! I know Peggy and she is such a sweet, genuine, positive, fun, energetic, and creative person. I wish her all the best in her upcoming workshop. I just love the dolls :-)


  3. Nicole, so happy you are in great spirits ;o) That helps so much, when you are going through things like this! Peggy sounds like a sweety and I love her creations! So much thought and positive energy! Big Hugs and REST!!!!

  4. oh goodness I hope you will be feeling better and will not need any surgery that is just awful. You visited my blog earlier this month and i tried to post at your blog from my ipad but it does not like your site. That happens a lot. It kind of makes me mad because the whole point of it is to surf the web. I only have problems at a few blogs though. Take care and get well. Hugs

  5. I hope that you are really relaxing and just chilling this weekend. You have to take care of you. So glad that your spirits are up and sense of humor really helps! Wishing you well on the tests next week and no need for surgery.


  6. I love her dolls, so creative and unique. We went to Kaui last year, what an amazing island!

    I am glad you are chillaxin this weekend, Nicole. Keep your sense of humour and keep smiling my friend! I hope things go well for you this week. Sending more hugs your way.

  7. I'm going to visit Peggy's blog as soon as I leave here. Her healing dolls sound inspiring. I love the idea that a prayer of intention goes into each stitch! Also want to give you a thumbs up on your hopefully upcoming operation. I wish I could say something funny to make you laugh but it would have to be a one on one I'm afraid. I'm just not too funny in writing! Keep us posted!

  8. Great interview! I hope you get good news and no surgery is needed. My prayers are with you. Rest, my friend.


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