Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Hi Everyone!
First off there are a few people that have come into my life that inspire me with their imagination, creativity and just being a nice person. Jen VanBenschoten, editor of Beading Daily, is one of those people.  Her art is genuine and straight from her heart. That is what inspires me. A few years ago Jen started incorporating Nicole's BeadBacking into her art. How happy am I, Right? Without me knowing she blogs about NBB from time to time and it always takes me completely by surprise. Here is her latest on NBB.

Jen from Beading Daily and Van Beads

This is just a blurb of the entire post which  you can read here;  Beading Daily

Paint your bead embroidery medium before you stitch. I think the last thing that I painted that was any good was a still-life of some roses and baby's breath in a glass vase back when I was in third grade, circa 1982.
But when Nicole Campanella, the creator of Nicole's BeadBacking, told me that you can paint on her bead embroidery medium before stitching it, I was totally inspired in a brand-new way! I even got my five-year-old son into painting a few pieces of Nicole's BeadBacking with me for future bead embroidery projects!
You can lay down a coat of gesso before you start painting your Nicole's BeadBacking, but I just used a set of inexpensive acrylic paints and a soft paintbrush to mix some colors. We'll see how this piece shapes up in the next few weeks!
I can't wait to see what Jen does with the painted NBB. I would love to see photos of what you are doing with NBB. Are you painting like Jen, working your Soutache, creating bead embroidery with lots of texture?
Are you graphing pieces together for color specific art projects? ohhh and don't forget your printer and stamps. Let me see what you come up with.
Honor and Integrity in Life in 
Art Nicole/Beadwright


  1. OK People I don't know what happened to the fonts while I was writing this post. Blogger uhhhggg. Hope you can read it.

  2. could read it just fine!!
    what a compliment to your product!!!
    i never thought of painting on NBB...but,I'm a novice beader,so i'm delighted to know it!!!!
    do a happy dance Nicole!!! you have every right to be happy!!!

  3. Very cool.. I havent painted But I have used Markers On it!! Works great!!

  4. I can read it just fine! So happy that your wonderful product is getting so much exposure! I want to try it in the printer soon.


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