Thursday, January 10, 2013


Hi Everyone!
OK so how many of you start your day with coffee? I sure do. Can't be without it. I have a special thermos type cup, you know the kind you can take with you and has the slid opening on top? My coffee maker is set to start before I even get out of bed so it is ready hot.
This morning my camera was on fire. You know the times when the lighting is just right for photos and every shot is perfect? So I am shooting and hit my coffee cup. Yep that little slide opening is just big enough to make a huge mess. OK I get that cleaned up. Fresh coffee. I go to my bead room, coffee in hand and yes drop it. I clean that mess up. I go to my bead table, yes I drop it again. I clean that mess up. I get ready to post and you got it. I hit the cup and my entire computer area had coffee EVERY WHERE!!!
So.... how may times can you spill your coffee in an hour? LOL
Wishing everyone a great day

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. I hate days that start like that. I don't know what's worse, cleaning up the mess or wasting all that good coffee!!

  2. Oh, Nicole, I think you win, LOL! I drink tea!


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