Sunday, December 9, 2012


Hi Everyone!
I was trying to get my reading list up so I can see what all of you are doing, but of course blogger won't bring it up in any form. eeerrrgggg. While I was on the dashboard ( not call that any longer) I noticed that, with this post, I have written one thousand and one blog post. WOW!!! Glad you all stuck around for the gibber. LOL
Today I want to share some wonderful art by a woman named Carmen Ghecca. I love her point of view. Please stop by her website to see more of her art.
Carmen Ghecca, born in Silkeborg, Denmark in 1981, has always been sketching and painting, throughout her childhood. At the age of 15 she became aware of how big the roll creation had/would have in her life, taking a major part of her identity as a hostage.
2 years after finishing her pre-university career with art and languages as her majors, Carmen Ghecca had her first exhibition in 2002 and joined her first Fine Arts school (Byhøjskolen, Århus - Denmark) shortly after. A rebel of classifications and monotone patterns she ran off to Barcelona, Spain by the age of 23. There she attended several art schools, here among Metáfora Contemporary Art and Escola Massana, through which she grounded are profound global network of contemporary artists of varies genres. After several years of studying, performing and exhibiting, Carmen Ghecca is now a constantly, producing artist, deeply engaged to her projects and the technical challenges behind.


Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


Orion Designs said...

Hi Nicole -- when I go to, my "reading list" comes up, which is all of the blogs I follow. Are you saying that you don't see that? Sometimes, the list takes a couple of seconds to populate.

DVArtist said...

My reading list comes up once in a while. I have written to blogger, and have tried all the steps others have suggested. Most of the time I can't even view it is google reader. It sucks.

Ann said...

oh my gosh.......what spectacular,thought-provoking art!!! thank you so much for sharing this artist!!!!! i have to see more!!!!!
a loose my reading list all the time...sometimes takes a couple days for it to show up..thought it was just me.

Hot Rocks said...

Wow...what amazing and intriguing art work. Thanks for sharing this artist with us.