Sunday, December 16, 2012


Hi Everyone!
It is storming something wicket out. Glad we are in for the weekend. There are things in our lives that touch our hearts. One for me is horses. Since I was a little girl I have always wanted a horse of my own. One of my worst Christmas mornings, I was 11years old and had been asking for a horse all year. We lived in an area where there was room for one and other neighbors had horses. I spent my free time at the neighbors. My grand parents arrived for Christmas bringing lots of gifts including two very large wooden boxes, one for me one for my sister. You know the old slat boxes. Poking out from the slats was "hay" OMG! could it be? I would open this box to find it full of hay that I would carry out to the back to find my horse? Even more exciting my sister has one too so we could ride together?  I was so excited! I kept checking the back field to see if they brought my house in yet. Christmas morning. My brothers and sister were opening gifts and it was a frenzy of laughter, oooohhhhhs and aaaaahhhhhs. Then it was time. My Nan called my sister and I over to the big boxes. We tore into them I grabbed up the hay and and.... what was this? My sister cried out in happy joy to find a life sized doll. She danced around the living room holding her doll and was as happy as can be. I stood there with a hay covered life size doll as my heart fell to my toes. A doll? I never played with dolls ever! My mom asked what was wrong. I asked where my horse was? I began to cry. Of course the "hay" was Celsius a packing material of the time. I remember everyone trying to console me. My baby brother brought out some of his pajamas so this huge doll with the moving eyes could wear them. This is a true story. I did end up giving my doll to my sister. I was quite the tom-boy. I never did get a horse of my own but my soul is still connected to them.
Have a very nice Sunday

 These two must be from Florence LOL

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  1. Horses are amongst the most beautiful creatures on earth in my opinion. :) I love them, ever did and ever will. And I'm so with you on the dolls. The only dolls I played with were Barbies.....because there were horses to play with. *LOL* And my Grandma always tried to convince me to love dolls by giving them to me as gifts. I looked at them, said thank you, then put them on their face and said: "Doll's got to take a nap now."

  2. Ohhh Nicole..if I could give you a horse today I would. They are wonderful majestic!! I had a friend that had horses when I was that age and I would go and spend weekends with her. We would ride for hours then brush them until our arms gave out.

    Now I have to admit that I did love Barbies but that was mostly because I made clothes for them. I have always loved to sew. ^_^

    Triple fingers crossed,


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