Monday, September 24, 2012


Hi Everyone!

I should be cleaning my house but I am finding soooo many other things to do instead. LOL Like showing you how goofy my husband is. And then maybe not.
The other day I finished a necklace and posted it on my blog. Mike is so taken with this piece that he said he wanted it. OK so you must know that Mike is my best advertisement. He wears a piece of my jewelry everyday and hands out my business cards like candy. Hey I love that he does that.
So while he was trying on this necklace I grabbed my camera. There are some pretty funny posses but I think I will save those for me... ahhhh like some black mail photos hee hee hee. However, after really looking, this piece does look good on a guy.
What do you think?

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. I could never get Chris to put on one of my pieces...Mike is a very brave man. Did he know you were posting this? LOL!

  2. Happy Day Nicole,

    How wonderful is that necklace and the loving support.

    -Eva Maria

  3. I think it is perfect and so are the two of you!

  4. Hey Ewa aren't men strange anyway. LOL and yep Mike knew this would be published.

  5. Errrrr, not sure if this is a piece for a man.......really not sure.:D

  6. Bardzo ciekawy projekt, a mąż może ją nosić:)))))))

  7. I like it..I think it could be for a guy or a girl.. Matches Mikes Eyes thou.. He looks so Purdy!! LOL!


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