Thursday, July 5, 2012


Hi Everyone!
I think I told you that I have gone back to the old version of blogger. As long as I can I will stay with it. I can actually post and go see my followers. So yesterday Mike drove me up coast to the town of Yachats, Or. It is a small town with so much attraction that more and more people are moving there. This town has spirit and fun and truly lovely people living there. So on with the show. We got to town found our spot and in 15 minutes was set up and ready to go. Remember Mike and I have been doing shows since the early 1980's and setting up is a team effort. The morning was so pretty, sunny and no wind. Mike drove home for the day.
I was in my element. There were thousands of people in town and the show was a huge success. There were lots of 4 of July activities going on in town and our show had a good portion of that entertainment. Sales were FABULOUS for all the vendors and I will definitely be doing that show next year.
So ya wanna see some photos? Oh and I forgot to take photos of my set up Seriously??? LOL

This is early in the day just after we all got set up. Brent Graber Glass maker extraordinaire

 You know my good friend Charmain Pesnell. We were set up next to each other. Great day for both of us.

 Birdhouse maker of Yachats, OR.

 This guy is amazing. He makes and plays didgeridoos. He was part of the entertainment.

 This lady makes amazing hippie style bags. Very nice pieces.

 The rock man.

Set up was at 10:00 and the crowds started pouring in. Love it!
As some of you know the 4th of July is when my dear brother passed away two years ago. I was having a hard time with it but the show helped me through it and Vince was with  me all day.
Plus the weather in Yachats was perfect what more could I ask for? LOL
Hope all of you had a safe and fun day.

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  1. Nicole, I'm so glad that the show went so well for you and everyone else! And that the weather was so nice.

    Also, just to let you know, I'm thinking of doing the Nicole's BeadBacking giveaway this Saturday. :)

  2. Oh how wonderful Nicole. Great photos! Hope you had a good sale day. Nice to see you out and about. Take care and enjoy.

  3. Congrats on the successful show--it sounds like they planned it well with lots of activities to attract the people. So happy for you!

  4. Sounds like it was a fun time..Love the pictures!! Glad it was a success!!

  5. Wish I could have come it looks like a fun day!
    I am glad you felt Vince's presence with you, love never dies!

  6. I wish I could've coordinated our stay with that show! Looks like so much fun! I was in Salem on the 4th. I tried texting you a couple times while we were in Florence. We left early because of rain...we came back down again to do the things we missed, and then had major car trouble and were stuck in the camppground without transportation for 3 days! Haha!

    I'm so sad to hear about you being in bed! Man, what a trooper you are being....I hope that cute, young dr. of yours figures out the problem, so he can make it go away!

    I'll be thinking about you!
    Maybe next year we can finally meet...and have that coffee :)


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