Monday, July 23, 2012


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It is pretty amazing that in a very short span of time the technology of the medical field has excelled, while care has declined. OK.... so we won't get into that right now. As most of you know I was a Vet Tech for many years before lupus. My daughter phones me for advice when there is a problem with her pets. One of her sweet dogs, Brody had knee trouble and last week had surgery.
Of course my daughter sent the MRI films to me.
MRI, as with all medical imaging techniques, is a relatively new technology with its foundations beginning during the year of 1946. Felix Bloch and Edward Purcell independently discovered the magnetic resonance phenomena during this year, and were later awarded the Nobel Prize in 1952. Up until the 1970s MRI was being used for chemical and physical analysis. Then in 1971 Raymond Damadian showed that nuclear magnetic relaxation times of tissues and tumors differed motivating scientists to use MRI to study disease. With the advent of computed tomography (using computer techniques to develop images from MRI information) in 1973 by Hounsfield, and echo-planar imaging (a rapid imaging technique) in 1977 by Mansfield, many scientists over the next 20 years developed MRI into the technology that we now know today. Perhaps one of the most exciting developments of these was the advent of superconductors. These superconductors make the strong magnetic fields used in MRIs possible. Due to all of these technologies required, the first human being MRI examination did not occur until 1977. Since then, faster computing has made the MRI process much faster. The most significant advancement in MRIs occurred in 2003, when the Nobel Prize was won by Paul C. Lauterbur and Peter Mansfield for their discoveries of using MRIs as a diagnostic tool.

Here is Brody's knee. He is doing well and healing quickly

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  1. technology is an amazing thing!!!..but,i am with you...medical care by providers leaves something to be desired! if i could just find a doctor who agrees that i know my body better than they do!! carp..i've had it for 58 years,and i think i'm the most qualified to say what, and where,something is wrong,differn=ent,hurts works,doesn't work..and no,it is not in my head!!! pinched lumbar nerve and Thoracic Outlet Syndrome are testament to that..and the damage that occurs when no one wants to listen and believe! soapbox! sorry.
    i'm so glad Brody is doing better!! looks like the same film of my neighbor across the street!..pins,screws and rod!

  2. Nicole, what a coincidence! I was a vet tech for awhile, too -- although for me, it was a very short while. As it turns out, cats don't care for me very much. ;)

    I'm glad that Brody is healing up! Poor puppy.

  3. That's interesting! I'm glad Brody is doing well. It's wonderful that your daughter can consult with you for pet issues.


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