Sunday, June 3, 2012


Hi Everyone!

Wow! the 3rd of June already?  I do believe I am over this flare of lupus, anyway I am up and around. I have received some very nice emails and hearing from all of you make my days. Any of you out there with lupus or other auto immune know that one minute you can be feeling fine and then next like the sky fell in on you. That is how my week has been. uuuhhhggggg.
I did do some business with a wonderful lady named Annette, who was having trouble with the beading loom she bought ( not from me) during our emails she did purchase one of our 1 foot looms and in one day she did this. She also wrote this.

"I got it this afternoon and love it. It was so easy to warp no tension problems like my eBay loom.
Thanks for you help this week and shipping it so fast. The book really helped to, I didn't realize
I should double the threads when looming the beads and it should be a B thread not D.
This is my progress so far on my flying geese pattern.
Thanks for the needle, beeswax and pretty beads too. Well back to beading.
Have a great weekend."

The problem she was having was warping the other loom she owned. With our looms it is so easy and Annette proves it.
Here is the finished piece. This just makes my day that our looms help people with creating!

Annette also shared this with me.
I started beading last fall when my friend had a small class at her home for free she even gave us the supplies. I was immediately hooked and haven't stopped beading from there. Loom beading I learned from mostly utube although it didn't give me all the details like your book. I learned from your book than all the hours of watching u tube. Before that I mostly crocheted, knitted and spun my own yarn. Now with my love for beads I have a while new stash in my tiny apartment. My hubby is very understanding though and loves to watch me create.

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  1. glad you are doing better Nicole.
    Annette's piece is gorgeous...shows just what can be created with beautiful beads,talent and the PERFECT LOOM!!!!

  2. I'm so glad you're feeling better! I've been thinking about you a lot and was so happy to get your comment on my blog.

    The last time I tried weaving using a loom, it was ages ago! I didn't take to it, but I bet the right loom would make it easier and more fun. :)

  3. Hm, I have a loom piece sitting on my bead loom. I was promised some help from a blogging friend which she didn't give there it is, as I don't know how to weave in the warps. Should have been a barrette. :-(

  4. Glad you are feeling better Nicole. I've never done any loom weaving but it certainly looks interesting.


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