Monday, January 16, 2012


Hi Everyone!
Well our beautiful  weather has come to an end for a few days. It started snowing around 3:30 AM. Yes I was up with head pain, it is gone now. The snow got heavier at dusk, big, wet, flakes coming down pretty hard. Hey, I lived in snow country most of my life and even though this look pretty right now, I hope the is all we will see of it. LOL
With the banks and post office closed, and the snow on the ground I am in for the day. I am painting and doing some clay work. What are you doing today?

Here is the snow out my front window.

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  1. And You thought you had escaped the snow monster- Bwa Ha ha ha!!!

  2. Well it always looks pretty thos! We got snow too..quite a bit more than you, plus it was minus 30Celcius this morning! I would trade places with you...oh to be on the coast!

  3. Looks pretty although I am sure you would rather it be rain!

    Besides the freak storm around Halloween, we have not seen much more than a flurry that melted before it hit the ground!

  4. We didn't have snow...but, rain. :) So I had fun painting in the studio and playing with my kids. I live in southern Cal so we have to savor rainy days!

  5. I love the last picture with the sun shining on the snow! {Hugs!}

  6. I had no snow so far at home, but lots of it while spending the last week in beautiful Austria. About 150 cm in the valleys and up to 300 cm on the mountains. I love it! Monday was my first office day after vacation, but in the evening I had a workshop about leathercrafts. Will post pics soon. It was fun!

  7. Yeah we got nailed by snow last week. It was a good time to take vacation and hibernate.


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