Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Hi Everyone!
This is a quick post. We are in the midst of a storm that is massive. The wind blew our gate right off the hinges. Hope our fence makes it through the night as the storm is suppose to get worse this evening and all through the night. Electric is on again off again but some of my beading buds have had no electric since last night. I have the gennie ready, candles and our outdoor cooking gear. Oh yeahhh and the beer.
These photos are not too clear. The wind was blowing me across the yard.
Talk to all of you soon.

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  1. The main thing is you are all safe, hope the storm subsides soon. x

  2. Awww!! I hope you're all well!!! Take care!!

  3. OMG...I'm sending out a line to tie yourselves down! Hope the wind dies down. The same day I said we've had no snow since Oct...we had a healthy dusting. It is gone now & we have the wind, but nothing like you.

    Be safe!

  4. Oh! Wind scares me.....good luck Nicole - keep us posted.

  5. Wow! We got hit by snow but not that hard of wind. At least not then. We had a heck of a windstorm this last Tuesday. A lot of trees that survived the snow and ice were blown down.


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