Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Hi Everyone!
Last summer I posted that I was not going to complain about the Florence, OR. weather this year... and I haven't, why? because the weather has been absolutely beautiful. In fact we have had more sunshine since mid November than we did all summer. It is a bit cold but hey the sun is out. I know that this is not a good thing. There will be lots of fires and some drought this summer. Can't win for loosing right? LOL
I am almost caught up around here. I still have some blogging to do but that will have to happen tonight. I have been trying to get some new patterns made and up on my Beadwright BeadCoop site. I thought I would show the new ones and some of the older patterns as well.

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. I'm lovin this mild weather too-- will probably pay for it with a high fire season next fall thou. Love all the patterns--New and old!!

  2. I love all of them but really love the hearts....so pretty!!!

    Enjoy your sunshine...we will think positive thoughts for perfect weather in the summer too. ^_^


  3. ~love the skulls~
    but,you know that!!!!! LOL

  4. Our weather here in Western New York has been unusual too. We've only had a teeny bit of snow that melted after a day. Its crazy. I'm not even sure where my car snowbrush is. Gee, come to think of it - where's my snow shovel?! Better find them - I'm sure our luck is bound to run out soon :)

  5. Amazing patterns! Simply amazing. Your work makes me want to get out the beads and do something really pretty! I have no idea what...but I'll think about it!


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