Thursday, January 12, 2012

500 SERIES X 3

Hi Everyone!
I have to go to town today so it will be a long day for me.
If you don't know what the 500 series is from Lark Books then something is wrong! Hee hee hee.  These are "coffee table books" on many different art subjects. I have three today to tell you about. All three of these books are published in the highest quality. 500 photos of art work from artists around the world. The photography is intensely sharp and the art is some of the best you will see. Even if you don't work in the medium presented in the books the inspiration is incredible and can transfer over to your art.
The first book is
500 Raku
Bold Explorations of a Dynamic Ceramics Technique
ISBN 978-1-60059-249-2
Raku is a technique that has always interested me. I have several friends that are very good at it and so I get to see the process and the beauty. The art on the 420 pages of this book allows you can almost feel the texture of each piece. Amazing!

The second is;
Masters Art Quilts Vol 2

I made a quilt one time in my life and I can assure you I won't make another. I have such admiration for quilters. So when I first looked through this book I was amazed at the art and skill that comes through on ever page. If you are a painter, jewelry maker, sculpture and yes a quilter this book will take your imagination to the outer edges. I keep this book close and look through it often. The artists are one of a kind and show it all off in the 414 pages. Inspirational!

Last but certainly not least is
21st Century Jewelry
ISBN 978-1-60059-521-9

This 419 page jewelry book is full of the most exciting contemporary jewelry. The embossed cover begins the journey into modern jewelry to the extreme. Artist used every angle, shape, and texture. Materials range from glass, gold, silver, textiles, jewels and more. Each artist has created from the heart and the photography allows each piece to pop off the pages. Superb!

 Lark Crafts An Imprint of Sterling Publications Co., Inc New York

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  1. Be safe on your journey to town my sweet friend!!! WOW...some very interesting books. I don't think they would sit on the coffee table to long..LOL


  2. 21st Century Jewelry looks awesome!

  3. You made a quilt? Well, then you are one up on me! I only pieced half of one & realized that I just can't do this. Isn't that one bracelet form the 21st Century Jewelry awesome!

  4. 'they all look fabulous!! you say..even if you don't use the medium,they certainly get ideas racing through your head!!

  5. Raku is lovely; I have a couple of pieces and they always bring me pleasure when I see them.


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