Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Hi Everyone!!
I am swamped this week not only playing catch up from being at my mom's for 4 days but new things I have to accomplish this week. Busy is a good thing. LOL
While I was at my mom's there was an art walk in her town. I don't know about where you live but Oregon is big on art walks. Almost every little town has them once a month. Part of this art was staged in the fire house and since it was cold as... well you know... we went there and by passed walking the streets. This was set up for the fiber artists, there was some really nice pieces. My first fave was a gal from Wasilla, AK. who just moved down with her husband. She made the most amazing felted people. Her detail is amazing.
Click on the photos for a closer look

Just too cool right?
Now some of you may know that I am a hot oooppsss I mean hat person. I love wearing hats off all kinds. I don't really look good in a hat but hey who cares. I have a few felt hats that I have paid a pretty penny for. This lady's work is impeccable. I truly liked everything about her hats and bags. And then I saw her prices. OMG!!! not what you are thinking, her prices are so affordable. Most items were only $25.00.
I am not kidding.
Check out some of her pieces. If you love hats and handbags and want her address email me.

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. Great Pictures Nicole--Wow-- those "Fiber People" are awesome. Lots of cool stuff there.

  2. Must have had a lot of fun browsing the fiber arts--seems Oregon is a very talented state!

  3. Yaaaay Oregon! Gee, bet you can't guess where I live... Those people are so cool and those hats and bags are just lovely! Looks like a fun way to spend a day!


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