Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Hi Everyone!
I hope you had lots of fun last night. We did. I saw the best costumes on the kids last night. Now it is Nov 1 and I can hardly believe this year is almost over. However, with a new month there is a new winner of my monthly comment contest to win some free beads. The winner issssssss. I will be sending free beads to her. If you would like a chance to win free beads, simply leave comments on my blog all month.
Happy November!!!

Stop by to say hello.
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  1. Happy November to you also! For me nbovember is always happy: I have my birthday!!! Kisses from Hungary!

  2. Happy November to you as well, Nicole!

  3. I had so much fun seeing all the lil kids dressed up too. Halloween is sooo much fun. I can't believe how fast it came and went.

  4. OMGOSH...where has this year gone to? I do believe that I live in some kind of time warp. I think it's flying by and the Chazman says that it is dragging by. Ohh to be young again.

    Congrats to your winner....you always have the BEST beads!!!


  5. Nicole!! This is soooooooooo cool!! Thanks so much! I will be e-mailing you soon! I just got home ;o) Hugs!! Yeh!

  6. Hi, I did leave a comment, but I am not sure if blogger was acting up? But, I just wanted to say again, thanks so much! I am so happy ;o)

  7. Isn't it amazing how time flies now? Remember when we were young .. the Summer seemed like a lifetime ..
    Christmas was never going to get here .. and 30 was OLD!

  8. yea, to your winner
    i was looking down your front page, wow, some wild shoes and wonderful beaded jewelry.

  9. And a happy November to you too! Loved the post of the shoes. I think the ones with the hairy feet would suit me best! I could never wear the pumps! lol

  10. Nah don't look at as the year is ending. A new one just started yesterday :)


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