Friday, September 2, 2011


Hi Everyone!

Busy few days for me. I am working on several different projects at once..... again.... I am in earring mode right now. I will tell you why in a later post. hee hee hee.... Anyway this pair is light and long. I have used a spine African porcupine quill for the base along with size 15/o seed beads, embellished with some very old red heishi beads. These measure 4 inches. Love that!!!
The other piece I have finished is my SIL birthday gift. It's OK he won't be checking out my blog.
If you love these you can now get them in my Beadwright etsy store

Have a fun and safe weekend!
Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. Very pretty earrings!!!!!!!!! The necklace is great!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi Nicole!!
    Beautiful beadwork!!
    This earrings are so originals!!
    Greetings from Panama!!

  3. I adore earrings. And this pair, it's wonderfull

  4. Love your SIL's Gift--I'll bet he loves it! Love the earrings too. Those got some dangle to em'..

  5. Earring mode, eh? Those are really neat dangles! Love the SIL gift too--makes me wish we were related, LOL!

  6. gorgeous earrings nicole.
    lucky SIL..beautiful necklace!!
    your beadwork is simply stunning!!!

  7. beautiful work, hello, thanks for visiting my blog, if you wish to participate with your wonderful creations in our Italian forum, find it on my blog, you will be welcomed and completely free, hello from italy Ross


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