Sunday, July 24, 2011


Hi Everyone!!
I have a whole new outlook today even though it is grey and cloudy and getting ready to rain here in Florence. Yesterday Mike and I drove North up coast to a cozy little town named Toledo, OR. It is just outside of Newport. The sun was shinning and glimmering on the ocean's water, pelicans flying over head and well just a start to a great day. With the sun so warm and bright I actually had to put on the sunglasses. Newport was bustling and the Farmer's Market they put on there was full of people. A good sign. We headed up a very scenic road stopping at some cute little shops along the way. The town of Toledo is less than half the population of Florence but the town is much bigger. (Florence 8,000) A logging town with a working mill set in the hills of OR. It was such an inviting town. We found a good place to park and spoke to some of the towns people that gave us some great tips on things to see there. We first hit the train museum a free bit of history that was so much fun. Then up to Main street to watch the parade. I noticed that there were a lot of kids and families. Something you don't see in Florence. Florence is a retirement town so not many kids or young families. Toledo on the other hand is young and vibrant. On with my day. We left the parade before it ended and headed to the carnival. Very nice with lots to do and eat! and for me cotton candy!! We got our food and headed for the bleachers where they were setting up for the logging competition. We planned that perfectly because when the parade ended the carnival filled up fast. We had such a good time. It was HOT! sunny, and full of life.

When we left Toledo we took the back road to the docks of Newport and Old Town. I soaked in more of the sun and warmth and thought, "This is all I needed" WARM SUNSHINE!!!

Today I have Sun rose cheeks and my shoulders and arms have a bit of a tan.

I hope where ever you are the weather is exactly what you want and possibly need.

Off to the Train Museum

 Rides I USE to love

 Getting ready for the logging competition

 Crab pots in Newport

 A working boat

 Oregon has some of the best bridges

 Part of the Marina

 Another part of the Marina

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. Awesome--You make me want to move to the coast..Great Pictures Nicole! Im glad You got some Sun on your face and soul!

  2. Oh wow! It looks so pretty there! Good for you for catching the rays and having so much fun! <3


  3. Thank you for sharing the wonderful photos--I'm glad you had a chance to enjoy a nice day in Sunshine!

  4. How beautiful you must look with a sun kissed face and spring in your step! What a great town!


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