Friday, July 22, 2011


Hi Everyone!

I had a great day in the big city of Eugene, OR. today. Gem Faire was going on so Mike and I took the 65 mile drive in. I had my list and checked it twice and I am very happy to announce I bought just what was on that list. LOL. Lots of crystals, and findings and a few supply items. It was soooo warm and sunny and wonderful there all I wanted to do was bask and soak in the rays.

No photos of beads but here is a list of dates for upcoming Gem Fiare shows.

Jul 22 - 24 Eugene, OR
Lane County Events Center/Exhibit Hall Details

Jul 29 - 31 Lynden, WA
NW Washington Fair & Events Center Details

Aug 05 - 07 Hillsboro, OR
Washington County Fairgrounds Details

Aug 12 - 14 San Diego, CA
Scottish Rite Event Center

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  1. I would of loved to go to that! But now a days my forte' is glass glass glass! Thats so nice for your husband to go tith you and have the same intrests. Yey for great husbands! ox

  2. Nicole, that sounds like a BLAST! Glad you were able to enjoy some great weather finally and gems... always a bonus! Can't wait to see what's on your creative plate!


  3. Ohhh I would love to see what cool creations you come up with!!!


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