Monday, July 11, 2011


Hello Everyone!

Monday, the start of a new week and I have lots to catch up on. But that is OK I have some good energy today after spending time in the SUN with no freezing wind. LOL Mike and I headed up coast to Newport, OR. The town was holding their county fair and rodeo, a small event but put together very well. I loved seeing the 4-H animals and watching the kids go on spinning rides with faces of glee and fear all at once. Some of my fondest memories with my family is at the California State Fair, before it became Cal Expo. (for those of you who live in that part of CA) Mike and I wondered over to where the bulls were. Some of them were truly beautiful animals. We found a spot to sit and waited for the bull rides. We had so much fun yesterday. I wish there were sunny no wind days in Florence. LOL

So here are a few photos.
These two were so cute and friendly

This cowboy did amazing things on this horse. It was a dance

4 Oregon ladies that do drills on horse back. It was so awesome!

This bull did not want to go back to the holding pens
This turned out to be a great ride

The starting gate

Wishing all of you a great Monday

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  1. I love the rodeo's! Many are coming up in this area too. Looks like you had a great day! AWESOME!

  2. Sadly, no rodeos in my immediate area, but I am a big fan of PBR on TV. Sounds like you had a fun day & a little sunshine will perk anyone up!

  3. I haven't been to the rodeo in years. We don't get them here in PA. But the dancing horse reminds me of freestyle dogs! That is the training direction that Tanner and I are heading into. Thanks for sharing the great photos. They brought back a lot of great memories. Glad you had a good day and got time to refresh.


  4. I've never been to a rodeo. There is "Cow Town" which is famous for it's Rodeo's about 2 hours away. I've already TOLD the hubs that we are going one day this year! I've been to county fairs and have seen all the farm animals etc, but never a rodeo.

    It is nice to hear you had a great day, I can "hear" the smile in your voice!

  5. Great photos, Nicole! No rodeos in my part of the world, but I'd love to see one when I have the chance. Love the two pigs!


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