Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Hi Everyone!
I am hoping the sun will stay out a bit today.... why.... because I need a day to clean the carpets in my home. Haa haaa you thought I was going to sun bath didn't you. Gotcha...
So that is my plan for the day. What are you doing today?
If you don't already subscribe to Bead Unique Magazine then, if you are out an about today, pick up the July August issue. Not just because the magazine is full of fantastic information on beading but because I have two design articles in this issue. I have said this before and will probably say it again, however, I have been published hundreds of times and each time is as exciting as the very first. I am honored that after all these years I am still creating items people want to make. Thank you.
So what are these pieces?
Well let me just show you.

BTW did you know that Pam Hawkins editor of the magazine takes all the photos in BU? Well she does.

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. Oh Nicole...congrats!!! Both pieces are lovely and unique. I just love your work.


  2. Congratulation!! when will I got there to do so beautiful things that You do?

  3. Congrats Nicole--they are both stunning!

  4. That's awesome, congratulations!

  5. Love it-- a twofer--- I did not know Pam took all the pictures. She does a great job!

  6. OMG that is so awesome for you!!!! Really cleaning carpets? I am sure you could have picked something better. LOL


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