Monday, June 20, 2011


Hi Everyone!
I am finally recouped from last Friday's show. Every thing is put away ready for the next show.
Today when I picked up the mail there was my August issue of Bead Unique Magazine. Before I tell you what is inside, I want to share something with you. I have been so very fortunate in my bead art career. I tell people it isn't because I am better than others, it is truly that I am blessed in being able, for the last 45 years, to work at what I love. I was around when Japanese seed beads were NOT the beads of choice, where a beading magazine was unheard of, bead societies had not been formed and, I am sorry to say, copyright was not an issue. Then the late 1980s and early 1990s hit and things started to change fast. The Japanese invented a computer to make the most uniform seed beads on earth. Delicas were called D beads and Lapidary Journal and Bead n Button started the beading magazine whirl wind. The first bead retreat in the US was put on by me and a friend Lisa, in Sandpoint ID. Bead shows started and it just got bigger and bigger and bigger and.... well here we are. I have taught beading classes in 7 states, was the featured bead artist for 3 years at the what is now the MAC museum in Spokane, WA. Mike and I have manufactured beading looms since 1986, I developed Nicole's BeadBacking 22 years ago and I have 4 of my own books published. Not to mention the millions of beads I have worked with. So, I told you all of that to say that even today when I see my bead articles published I get as excited and happy as I did with that very first publication so many years ago.  Thank you Pam Hawkins and Joanna Feller for working so hard to publish such an outstanding beading magazine. This August issue, I think is one of the best. It is bright, full of energy, and balanced perfectly. I love this issue and not just because I have two articles in it. If you don't get Bead Unique Magazine sent to your house then head over to where ever you buy magazines and pick this one up. It is FABULOUS!!! And yes I am excited to see my name and my pieces in print.

Pam Hawkins in not only editor in chief she also takes all the photographs herself.

Ohhh part of my Elegant Punk series

 I think the pacific ocean had my eye this day. LOL
Happy Monday Everyone!

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. I am always so happy to see your articles in publication. Will have to make sure I grab that one.

  2. Oh now I so need to get this issue because you are in it!!!!


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