Saturday, May 14, 2011


Hi Everyone!
This will be another quick post. Just wanted to share two piece I finished up. Several years ago I bought some face cabs from Beth. I had planned to make kits with them buttttt things happened and so now I am going to bead them up. Also here is a necklace that I really like. Most of the beads are matt ABs (can't see the AB in the photo) I showed these two pieces because I finished the backs with the burnt orange boars hide. It is SOOOOO nice to work with and truly leaves the most professional finish on your work.
Have a great weekend!!

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. I love the face cabs Beth makes. I saw Lori Cook's blog a few weeks back with 4 of Beth's cabs. Nicole, you captured the cab beautifully! What a piece of art.

    Your bib style necklace is amazing too. WOW, the time and love into that piece is breath taking! LOVE it!

  2. Wow-- That is a HUGE Piece--very pretty! That Boar Hide has an interesting texture. Beths Cab is so cool and you dressed her very beautifully!

  3. oh,Nicole...these are to die for!!! gorgeous!!!!!! xo
    I'm having a little giveaway..stop by my blog if you have time..i know you are busy!! xo

  4. These are great but I especially love your second, larger that looks great! Such striking colours.


  5. Oh wow!! What fabulous beadwork Nicole!! I bet it took you forever to finish these pieces!


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