Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Hi Everyone!
I have a huge day today. My energy level has been in the gutter so I am behind in EVERY THING!!! LOL
So this morning I took extra energy herbs, real herbs not some street crap,  and am hoping to get some real work done today. I have a show in June, and classes set up and need to be on top of my game.
I did get two more patterns finished. I love making them. I use 4 different programs to get them made the way I want them.
Now you all know I love skulls so here is the second in The Human Skull series. This is another 3x3 inch piece.

This is a design I made 18 years ago. I had it on my very first web site in 1995 and then moved it over to the site I have had since 2000. These types of patterns never grow old.

Check out all of my pattners on my
and my

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  1. Real herbs! Not some street crap! Maybe thats what we all need...

  2. Hi Nicole! I love popping over to see what your're up to, even though I don't do beadwork. your work is so pretty!xoxo


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