Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Hi Everyone!
I can't believe how pretty it is here today. If I had time I would go sit on the deck and take in some of the sun.  hmmm might just do it anyway.

If you follow me then you know that my beading background stems from a very traditional beginning. Sometimes it is difficult to bead in modern day techniques, even though I was the one who developed and was published for a lot of what you do today in beading. So today's post is showing you my latest piece. Tomorrow I will show you a traditional piece that I am working on and will finish today.

It doesn't matter how you bead or create in any art form as long as you are doing it with love, passion, respect, honor and integrity. For the most part I see that in my friends who stop by here.  My hope has always been, over the last 46 years,  to inspire creativity in others.

So take a look at this piece and come back tomorrow to see just a bit my traditional work
Have a great day today

It starts with my Nicole's BeadBacking and a glass cab created by Lori Cook

Layers of flatwork using my unique technique

These colors are like sherbet ice cream

Add some modern day chain and the piece is finished.

The bugles I bought from ArtBeads.com they are the perfect size and the colors could not be more perfect for the glass. Check them out at http://artbeads.com/

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


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