Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Hi Everyone!
I just had to show you my new pattern for today. You all know how obsessed I am with skulls and eyes and macabre face art. OK OK no one ever said I was normal. :)) (thank goodness) Anyway as most of you know I am going through my old art and making them into bead patterns. I had forgotten all the art I have created over the past 50 odd years. Here is one that I did when I was in medical training. I was 16 years old when I drew this working in a hospital in South Tahoe California.  Wonder if that place is even still there LOL.
You can purchase any of my patterns at my Beadwright Bead Coop or my Beadwright etsy store. Off to make more patterns it is soooooo much fun!!!!

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. LOL- I love it--you are the "The Bone Lady".. Do you keep bones on your porch in Oregon like you did in Idaho..Do the neighborhood children there think you are a witch too? LOL!

  2. Ohhh you remember that??? No in Oregon I have an enclosed back porch where all the bones live. Oh I do have some in the back yard too. You are so funny Lori

  3. Goodness have you been busy! This is very cool love your designs.


  4. Oh if you were normal what fun would that be? I love your skulls and so does Shelby. Oh bones in the backyard that would be fun then I could scare the neighbors...hummm a thought to ponder for sure!

    Hugs Sis!


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