Friday, April 15, 2011


Hi Everyone!
It is a rainy, stormy day today here in Florence, OR. Ohhhhh reeeaaalllllyyyyy? It feels OK though. I have tons of things to catch up on since going to town yesterday. So let it rain.
This morning I have listed, in my Beadwright etsy store , the last of my African Trade beads. Well the beads I am willing to let go of. These beads are all very old great if you are collecting but also wonderful beads to use in bead art projects. Wearing old beads truly lends to all the history of what we as beader are today. So think about adding beautiful old beads to your art.
I love these red skunk beads. They are wound compound glass with polychrome dots. These were mainly traded into Ethiopia. They ward off the evil eye and have big magic.
Also just listed in my Beadwright etsy store is some fantastic leather in 13 different colors. Hmmmm think they match up with Nicole's BeadBacking??? ahhh yeahhhh! :) I got a great deal on these colors and am passing them on to you. The hides are deer and wild boar. So easy to sew with and the colors are amazing.
I have a limited supply so if you like these get them while they last.

Old Skunk Beads

Leather to bead by

The colors match up pretty well

I am off to bead what are you doing today?

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. Those colors are perfect for your beadbacking! Have a great weekend--hope the sun comes out!

  2. Uhm, I wonder why they are called by this name (just in case "skunk" means the same in your language than in German)? And the leather colors are great.


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